Hydra Technologies unveils its attack UAVs in the Czech Republic

The Mexican company Hydra Technologies, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems based in the state of Jalisco, presented in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.
Hydra Technologies unveils its attack UAVs in the Czech Republic
Jorge Medellin • 20 October 2022

The presentation of the S45 and S50 UAVs took place in the framework of the exhibition of defence equipment at the 14th edition of the Future Defence Forces forum, which takes place in Prague and brings together more than 200 exhibitors, more than 7,000 visitors and guests and brings together 7 NATO expert groups and some 1,200 delegates and experts on military issues, bringing together 35 groups specialising in security and armed forces agendas.

In this framework, Hydra Technologies will showcase its S45 Baalam and S50 UAVs as it did in July this year in Turkey, where it showed for the first time its armed aircraft, being the first Mexican company to achieve this technological breakthrough.

Now in Prague, Hydra Technologies has presented its range of equipment to potential NATO users and countries invited to this important European forum, according to its spokespersons.

At the 2022 edition of the exhibition, the Mexican company is presenting its equipment and systems, such as the proven S45 BAALAM operational tactical twin-engine BAALAM, a successful system of Latin American origin that is now presented as an option for urgent defence solutions on the European continent.

For the European market, options of the S45 (12 hours of autonomy) and S50 (16 hours of autonomy) UAVs are offered with ground attack capabilities through gps/ins and laser guided munitions, integrated to Hydra systems in conjunction with the European defence industry.

Another novelty presented by the Mexican company is the possibility of equipping unmanned aerial systems with a Synthetic Aperture Micro Radar. This equipment is especially useful for maritime and coastal intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations in support of surface units.

"This capability multiplies the effectiveness of locating and tracking maritime targets in surveillance operations that are of great importance to European nations, especially in the Mediterranean Sea area," said Ivan Vazquez, a Hydra executive.

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