We design and build tactical command and control centers that allow real-time supervision and coordination of surveillance and defense operations. It shows video and data in real time, it has cartographic and sensor information, control panel, selection of mission points and autopilot. Tool for the control of tactical RPA and is equipped with the latest technologies. It can be installed in vehicles or in a heavy-duty suitcase in its portable version.

Video recording systems

Digital intercom systems

Comms systems air band radio

2 workstations

Energy generator


Retractable mast

sav and tcas

data control systems


It is a mobile command and control center installed in a heavy duty vehicle, containing: 2 UAV work stations pilot and the payload operator (cameras), data control systems and video recording, Digital Intercom system, VHF Aeronautical Band radio communications system, Jeppesen Information system, Generators, Mission Room for coordination for a maximum of 6 people.


The GCS-A ground control station is a tool for the control of Hydra RPAs, which has the same characteristics of a GCS-M, but with the capacity of being airlifted on a C-130 HERCULES. AIRBUS A400M, BOEING C-17 GLOBE MASTER, B-747 4/8 (CARGO), AN-124 and others.


The GCS-P is designed to facilitate operations in areas of difficult access or as relay system to extend the reach of Hydra aircraft. This system is installed in a rugged enclosure, with touch screens that improve visibility in harsh meteorological conditions. It can work with batteries or using an external AC or DC source.


The RVT (Remote Video Terminal) allows the visualization of video and telemetry transmitted by aircraft up to a distance of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). This information improves the coordination of ground forces and significantly increases their operational efficiency and safety. The information it receives is encrypted from the plane, which guarantees the security of the information.