Payload systems
We offer complete solutions by integrating our platforms with sophisticated sensors from industry leaders, which offer our clients a wide range of capabilities. These include EO, MWIR, SAR, and SIGINT to name a few. Our vertical integration allows us to easily accommodate the sensor that fits the mission requirements.

power of vision

Multiple mission cameras, with the latest stabilization generations, FOV, MWIR, Electro Optical, and Super zoom available for export. Our priority is to provide the mission camera that meets our client’s requirements.


Harness the power of EO/IR plus the most advanced SAR for all weather, day and night ISTAR with the S45. It allows to quickly and easily perform:

Pre-Mission Planning
Post-Mission Analysis
SAR Imaging
Magnitude Change Detection
Maritime Surveillance
Moving Target Indicator
Diferent Operating Modes

Signals intelligence

Hydra offers multiple options in signals intelligence payload solutions to cater to military, police, and intelligence agencies. These include signals interception, signals collection, direction finding, and other solutions, depending on the end-user requirement.